Interview with Prakaash Sharma

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Do you have any hobbies?


Basically, I am a management and engineering professional as well as an educationalist by qualification. I am best known for my impartial and analytical opinions on political, social and religious issues. I am a passionate social thinker. The books "Pratibimb" and "Mahakte Panne" were published by Yuvraj Prakashan which consist of my prominent works.


My first book '' Kathputli'', which was published in March 2017, made news for two months right from social media to print media. ''Kathputli was my first independent venture and was self-published.I started writing for newspapers as a freelancer in early 1990s. Starting from Hindi weekly ''Shrambheri'', I continued to display my skills in the form of articles, poems and stories in various newspapers and magazines.


At present, with 24 years of technical experience in steel industry, I am working at a senior management position in Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd in India. Although a native of Moradabad (India), I am currently staying in Kolkata.


I love to read and write. Analysis of social issues or technical data is my hobby.


2. Do you write fiction or non-fiction? Why?


I write fiction and motivational. I convey my messages to the society through my characters and I write motivational to inspire various groups of students, ladies, farmers etc.


3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?


There was already a writer in me during my college days in the year 1990, but self-publishing platforms provided me an opportunity to become an author. 😊


4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?


My books get their draft from my analysis. Sometimes, I find great topics from my Facebook friends.


5. Does writing energize or exhaust you?


Writing energizes but promotion or marketing, even getting reviews are exhausting. Isn't it?😢


6. What was your hardest scene to write?


I never find anything hard but now, while I am finishing my first motivational book "Mindset And Passion - The Psychology Of Success", I am feeling it difficult to complete because everyday when I finish, the very next day I am getting more ideas and examples to put in.


7. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?


As always, feel free to write, read, edit and continue writing at least a book per year. It's better to use Facebook to get feedback on write-ups.


8. Do you enjoy reading books as much as you enjoy writing?


Of course, but my favorite genres include Motivational, Spiritual, Philosophical, Psychological, Short stories and novels. I read on science and management books too.


9. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?


Tough to answer 😊


10. What do you think makes a good story?


If someone wants to write a good story, he or she must keep him or herself as main character.


11. Where can readers find out more about you and your books?




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