War of Destiny Series


  Follow the story of Julia, a young woman who takes a deal to overthrow the Vampire King. Does she have the courage and strength to embrace her destiny?



Check out all the books in the War of Destiny series!
  Between Darkness & Light, Book 3 of the series is out now!

   What Readers on Amazon are Saying:


  This story completely floored me. I cried, I laughed, I screamed out in anger, I think I ran through every single emotion possible while reading this book, but it was fantastic. Julia sits down and decides to write down her life not only when she was a human but also her life as a new born vampire. This story is absolute riveting, and have nothing bad to say about this book what so ever. -Gabbyshonestbookreviews



I usually do not read vampire stories but Theresa's book caught my attention


and I tremendously enjoyed reading her book. I can't wait to read her 2nd book. - Erum




It's a good vampire read. - Amazon Customer


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